Let's do black friday right!


Black Friday, the day where people run to big chain stores in the middle of the night to fight their way to the discounts. In the past decade, Black Friday has been the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States, and over the past few years European cities have also jumped on board with the trend. Immediately following Black Friday, there’s Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, offering similar variations of the same holiday.

In the past years, there’s been a big surge in small businesses finding their own ways to entice customers into their stores in the most profitable quarter of the year: they prove that there is a way to Black Friday right, by adapting it to fit their brand and values. 

The increased sales that come with the holiday period don’t have to be all about increasing profit. For brands like KinArmat, which is founded on strong values surrounding equality and sustainability, the added traffic is a great way to spread awareness about the principles for which they stand. Here at KinArmat, we didn’t participate in Black Friday last year. This year, however, we want to make Black Friday into an incredibly positive thing. Here’s our plan: we’re making Black Friday sustainable. 

We’re taking two approaches: first, by encouraging Black Friday shoppers to our site, you’ll be buying something you actually need, something that’s sustainably made, and something that’s totally unique. Also, added bonus - our store is online, so you don’t have to stand in crazy long lines! The second part of our approach is investing all profits from Black Friday back into customer education, to inform and inspire YOU about sustainability and (gender) equality through educational events and articles. 

You are benefiting from each and every order placed that weekend - so every euro you spend on KinArmat is invested for your benefit. Why do we need to be aware and informed about sustainability and the environment? Because it’s too important not to. Climate change affects everyone, no matter your income, your race, your religion… it unites us all. We all care about the environment, but it’s often difficult to know exactly what YOU can do about it, and how you can make changes in your life. That’s what we’re here for. To encourage you to shop so that we can invest in educating our customers, we’ll be offering discounts during the Black Friday - Cyber Monday weekend. Go check it out!  

Beyond Black Friday, Christmas is just around the corner, and the same applies. Shopping small has endless benefits beyond just helping the environment. You’ll be buying from independent entrepreneurs, supporting your local community, and gifting your friends and family incredibly special and unique gifts.          

Educating yourself and others around you is one of the easiest ways you can get involved in movements that matter to you. At first thought, the issue of sustainability can feel very overwhelming. Where should I shop? Which materials should I avoid? Can my clothes be recycled? These are all very valid questions, and just asking them is already a great first step. On that note, we’d like to share some of our favourite online resources for learning about sustainability. 

Some online resources and social media accounts we love