The KinArmat Talkshow was founded to tackle different subjects like (gender) equality, diversity, human rights, mental health, ... and topics the world turns a blind eye to.
Honest conversations with experts in their field to spread awareness and educate society on various topics.

It gets even better because during the live shows you can ask your questions directly to the guest. Whether it is the representative of the United Nations or NATO.


Some of our Talkshows happen on Zoom where a selected amount of participants are allowed to directly interact with the guest. In this case you'll receive an update via mail so you don't miss he chance to sign up.


Some are being live streamed on our Facebook page. We'll also send you a reminder by mail.


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Mariam Harutyunyan

KinArmat was founded in 2018 by Mariam, student-entrepreneur at the time, born feminist, keynote speaker, diversity & inclusion advocate, and the designer behind the brand. She founded the KinArmat label while finishing her Master Biomedical Sciences at the university of KU Leuven.


She launched the KinArmat Talkshow as part of the KinArmat label to spread awareness about topics the world turns a blind eye too.