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Boost your online marketing and visibility with this step-by-step guide.

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Everybody is turning to ecommerce to keep their cash flow. But even the best webshop, the most amazing products and bright ideas can't make money without the right marketing strategy. Marketing does the trick and I'm here to teach you lots of tricks and clear execution steps.

I  wrote this guide to help you move forward with the fast moving industry of marketing. Online visibility is one of the key steps every starter should implement and it's not always easy for everyone. This guide teaches you the fundamentals of online marketing, insights from years of experience and how to immediately implement it in your business.



🔹 In part 1 you will learn the basics of (online) marketing. You get to know your customers better, set your goals and create the story of your business.

🔹 In part 2 you will learn all the secrets of content marketing. How do you create content? What types are there? What converts best? How do you get started? That's what you learn here.

🔹 In part 3 we choose the best social media platform for you. You will learn the best ways to convert your prospects into customers. I'll also give you tips to develop your social strategy.

🔹 In part 4 we go for a gold mine. Your email marketing and everything you need to know about it to make lots of money.

I've helped start ups, organizations and companies to implement the steps in this guide. Now it's yours.



  • Small Businesses
  • First-time marketers
  • Mid-level marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Start Ups
  • Organisations
  • Member Clubs

Whether you just want to get started with online marketing and visibility or you want to boost what you're already doing, then this guide is for you.  


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