Inspiring women through crises, The KinArmat Talkshow

Where do we start? There is so much to talk about. Bianca and Mariam founded a platform where they will give strong, independent and inspiring people a place to speak freely. They are determined to open the conversation about gender equality, entrepreneurship, empowerment, mental health and more deeper unspoken topics. 

Sunday, Bianca and Mariam decided to start with an authentic introduction of themselves. During a live launch on Instagram they spoke about how they met, who they are and what they want to achieve. We were witnesses of two young ambitious women talking one-on-one, answering the questions of their first audience. 

From the start, the connection between our hostesses was clear. They share a passion for entrepreneurship, free thinking and feminine power. Thus arose the idea for the ‘KinArmat Talkshow’.

Bianca Bethune is a Hollywood actress with passion for self-development and personal growth. Her smile fills the room, she is straightforward and speaks her mind. Mariam Harutyunyan, founder of KinArmat, is an all round entrepreneur. We know her as an energetic hard working power woman.

The upcoming weeks we will be spoiled with live talks with inspiring people from all over the world. The talkshow’s guests will be from many different fields. To talk about their profession, gender equality, mental health, empowerment, entrepreneurship and health care. Bianca and Mariam already spilled the beans about the identity of their first guest. 

It’s an honor to have Clare Hutchinson, NATO’s Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security, as the first guest of the talk show. With her experience as gender advisor at the UN and her work at NATO, it will be an honor to listen to her story. 

So, I think it's very clear! This talk show is an opportunity of a lifetime given us by Bianca and Mariam. Join us, ask questions and most of all ‘get inspired’.

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Author: Roxanne Peeters