Proud to take a stand: the importance of brand purpose

Reading time: 2min30
The age of social media means that brands can very quickly become embroiled in controversy. Take Estee Laundry, the anonymous beauty watchdog that spends its days calling out beauty brands on Instagram who treat their staff or customers badly, or who use racist advertising or ecologically harmful ingredients in their products. 
However cool your brand is, it’s not enough to just talk the talk - you have to walk the walk, too. Glossier, the millennial cult brand, knows this all too well. Earlier this year, they brought out a range of makeup containing non-biodegradable glitter. Would-be customers were furious, boycotting the brand until they replaced the ingredient with a safe alternative. It’s official: in 2019 and beyond, brand purpose is everything. Whether it’s allowing employees to take time off work to participate in climate strikes, or publicly supporting the #metoo movement and firing those proven to have behaved inappropriately, consumers are favouring authentic brands who aren’t afraid to take a stand.       
In earlier decades, brands could happily focus on maximising profits, at the expense of labourers in less economically developed countries and the environment. While some argue that shareholders at major companies still haven’t hopped on board the purpose train, it’s becoming clear that brands with millennial audiences literally can’t afford not to have a core purpose. Zara has become one of the latest global fashion chains to announce that by 2025, 100% of their clothes will be made from sustainable fabrics. 


 Fast fashion is on the way out, and replacing it is a new wave of small, sustainable brands with purpose. KinArmat is proud to be one of these brands. It’s one thing to say we’re a sustainable brand, but what do we actually do?

  1. KinArmat does not drop seasonal collections. These collections and constant updates feed into fast fashion’s pressure to always buy the latest product, even when there’s nothing wrong with the one we have at home.
  2. Our mission is to empower people. We do this by featuring empowering slogans like ‘Sisters in Business’, and ‘Goaldigger’ on our clothing - it’s a simple idea, with real impact. Walk into the street dressed up wearing a powerful tee, and you feel ready to take on the world. 
  3. Our clothing is sustainable. We believe in slow, sustainable fashion - not cheaply made fabrics that tear easily and need to be replaced often. KinArmat garments are made from natural fibres sourced from sustainable plantations. Fabrics are super-soft to touch, and made from organic cotton and recycled polyester. Our products are designed to last forever, and they never go out of style - so there’s no need to change your wardrobe collection every 3 months. 
  4. Nothing at KinArmat is mass produced. We drop everything in small collections, designed with love and passion. This means that our clothing is exclusive - some things will come back, and some won’t. Every step in the designing process is carefully thought through, just for you.     
Here at KinArmat, we stand for equality, empowerment, and stamping out stereotypes. We want to help you believe in your own power, and achieve things you never thought possible. Want to join us? Sign up to our newsletter here.